We offer wholesale export and import of crop products, especially fruit and vegetable, corn and grain.
For many years of our business activity we have gathered many business partners in Belarus, Russia, Romania, Germany and Sweden.
We offer a wide range of selected, high quality products.
The main subjects of our sales activity in terms of corn and cereal are:
– Coriander, – Mustard, – Flax, – Soy, – Rapeseed, – Millet, – Sorghum, – Sunflower, – Pea, – Buckwheat, – Corn.

Recently, we have expanded our offer to include ingredients of fodder:
– Cereal meal, - Soybean meal, – Sunflower meal, – Rapeseed meal, – Soybean cake, – Rapeseed cake, – Sunflower cake, – Extruded soybean

From Ukraine and Moldavia we also import: – Watermelon, – Melon, – Courgette, – Marrow, – Onion, – Tomato,
– Pepper, – Plum, – Sweet cherry, – Dried fruits, – Salad vegetables.

Our products are delivered to Polish as well as other European commercial networks and complete all the EU requirements, ia. GLOBAL G.A.P. Packaging depends on customers’ preferences.
Agro-Gurman Ltd. guarantees high quality products, timeliness of deliveries and good prices.
Through wide range our of products we would like to satisfy all the needs of our customers. If you search for a product which is not included in our offer please contact us and we will get it for you. We do not stay behind. We monitor news and analyse market trends.

We invite you to cooperation!

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